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    Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D. performs classical to beautiful arrangements of popular cover songs, and brilliantly mastered originals. Genres include classical, romantic, Spanish, Brazilian, contemporary standards, popular, jazz, folk, Celtic, modern day acoustic, country, broadway, movie, TV, theatre themes, and holiday music. Robert's originals have been played on various TV shows, radio stations in the U.S., and published in national guitar magazines. His refined classical fingerstyle technique applied to his music allows him to produce wonderful sounding three-dimensional compositions that have won the hearts of many listeners. Robert's performances provide quality entertainment through his brilliantly mastered music, mesmerizing and capturing audiences of all music genres and ages.

    Concert Quality Guitars:

    • Taylor model 914ce Grand Auditorium cutaway-electric (steel-string) guitar (yr. 2014)
    • Taylor model NS74ce Grand Auditorium cutaway-electric (nylon-string) guitar (yr. 2010)
    • Traugott model R cutaway "custom-built" (steel-string) guitar (yr. 2000)

    Music Publications and Highlights:

    • Discography:
      • Songs of the 70's & 80's for Fingerstyle Guitar (2013)
      • Favorite Classical Guitar Instrumentals (2012)
      • Fingerstyle Guitar & Percussion (2005)
      • Christmas Classics (2004)
      • Renewed Memories (2002)
      • Images From The Heart (2000)
    • Printed Music:
      • Fingerstyle Guitar Instructional Book, Vol I, (2005) with music theory and notation, exercises, and instrumentals
      • Guitar Music Book (music notation and tablature) (2000) of the music on the "Images From The Heart" CD
      • Original Transcriptions from the "Renewed Memories" and "Images From The Heart" CDs
    • Media Coverage:
      • Full interview on KATV Channel 7 "Good Morning Arkansas Show"
      • Full interview on THV Channel 11 "Arkansas Today Show", music from CDs are played during commercials
      • Locally heard on KLCC and KRVM in Eugene, Oregon
      • Featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and on Internet web sites
      • Broadcasted over many radio stations and phone services in the United States
    • Master Workshop on Big Lee "Leo" for the Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, issue no. 53
    • Endorsements:
      • Selected by the D'Addario Company to endorse D'Addario guitar strings
      • Selected by the Shubb Company to endorse Shubb capos
    • Performances:
      • Performs in the SW Florida region, and used to perform extensively on the west coast and in the mid-continent states for many occasions (weddings, concerts, fine dining, wine tasting events, special functions, etc..)
      • During 2000 to 2005, Robert averaged 63 documented performances per year

    Education and Background:

    • Born in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 29, 1958
    • At nine years old, Robert took private piano lessons and learned music theory. At sixteen, Robert found his true passion -- the guitar, especially the fingerstyle technique. He was primarily self-taught at that time and applied his knowledge of the piano to the guitar. After a year of playing, he received formal instruction and proper classical guitar technique from the master virtuoso "Frank Martinez" while living in New Orleans. Frank studied under the world's most famous and renowned classical guitarist "Andres Segovia." Robert then entered college at the age of 16, and became interested in the science programs. Though, he focused on his passion (the guitar) throughout his life. His first professional guitar performance was at the age of 18. At that time, he was hired to transcribe and perform church pieces for the guitar (in place of the organist).
    • B.S. degree in Earth Science from the University of New Orleans (1980)
    • M.S. degree in Geology & Geophysics from the University of Missouri-Rolla (1993)
    • Ph.D. degree in Geology & Geophysics from the University of Missouri-Rolla (1999)
    • Geologist for Texaco Oil Company (1980-83) and U.S. Geological Survey (1984-99)
    • Adjunct Geological Instructor for four academic institutions in Missouri (1994-97):
      Drury College, Maryville University, Columbia College, and Park College.

      Present Work Experience/Income:

    • Adjunct Professor in Earth Science for Florida Southwestern State College "FSW" (2019-present). As of December 2020, he has taught 59 classes in 10 geology-related courses.
    • Chief Technical Analyst/Entrepreneur in the stock market (1997-present) and manages four successful financial web sites (,,, and, which provide professional advice for individual investors, contracts with financial advisors, government employees and retirees, and mutual fund managers.
    • Master guitarist, and composer and performer of new acoustic and classical guitar instrumentals (1975-present). Robert focuses on wedding performances (ceremony & reception: cocktails/dinner) and special events. He also performs for corporate events, fine dining & banquets, business parties, wine tasting events, grand openings, country clubs, concerts, anniversaries, private parties, art galleries, funerals, and more.
    • Owns two homes - Naples, FL and Eugene, OR
    • Robert lives in Naples, FL


    • Tennis, scuba diving, boating, hiking, biking, kayaking, photography, fishing, ping pong, wine tasting, dining, concerts, theatre, movies, traveling, animals (exotic cats, turtles, ferret), and lives a healthy lifestyle

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