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    Public Testimonials
    — the following is a partial list of older testimonials —

    Thank you for performing at the 2nd St. Beanery! I have been a venue manager for years, and I have never heard so many applauses for a soloist ever! We want to book you again! Sincerely,
    - Tom, Venue Manager of the 2nd St. Beanery in Corvallis, OR

    Dear Bob,
    Thank you so much for performing at our wedding! The music was ideal for our special occasion. The ceremony music on the patio with all the flowers blooming was done to perfection, and you made the party for the reception! I know you received tons of compliments from our quests, and they said they will highly recommend you and help spread the word to anyone looking for a superb classical guitarist! Many thanks!
    - Pat, garden wedding in Eugene, OR

    We received your Christmas CD on Saturday. :-) I want to tell you that my family is THOROUGHLY ENJOYING it. When I got home from work yesterday, Twila told me she had it on auto-reply all day long; she adores it. Michelle is home from college now and she made a special comment to me about how wonderful it is and she wanted me to be sure and tell you that she really, really likes it a lot. Kara loves hearing it and is totally impressed. Bob, I can't thank you enough for sending it to us. It's a great gift and brings peace to our little world. I'm very proud to play it and look forward to sharing it with Kevin and Brian's family when they arrive. Of course, when I hear it, I picture you at your guitar making the music. I remember that time at your house the night you played in the small upper room. This music is very special to my ears. You are so talented!! It's just a shame everyone doesn't yet know about Robert Dillon. That'll change. You're too good for it not to happen. Thanks buddy for sharing your talent with us and sharing yourself as a friend. Thanks again so much and take care of yourself,
    - Mike

    To Robert,
    I am at a loss for words! Wow! You are incredibly talented! The music was sooo beautiful! You received sooo many compliments at the wedding. I hope you were not too tuckered out by the end of the night! And thank you for the CDs! We played them over and over again the next day! Thanks for making it a great night! Take Care! Donna & Danny
    — Donna & Danny, wedding at Petit Jean State Park in Morrilton, AR

    Dear Robert,
    We thank you immensely for playing at both our daughter's weddings. Everyone was very impressed with your talent, and the music was perfect for the wedding ceremony & reception! It really enhanced the atmosphere and made the experience wonderful for our daughters. I will help spread the word to many others who need to know about your services. All the very best!! ... Diane
    — Natalie & Matt, wedding at Bryant First Church of Christ in Bryant, AR

    Dear Bob,
    Thank you so much. You say you received "a few" compliments, but I heard a ton of comments about the wonderful music!!! Everyone has said how awesome you were! Pastor Harris of Oak Park for one, he said you were terrific! Jeff and I thank you so much for being there and for helping make our day special. I will keep in touch and send you pics when we get them. Thank you again!!!
    — Connie & Jeff, wedding ceremony in Little Rock, AR

    Hi Bob,
    Just want to personally thank you for providing the beautiful music at our wedding. Canon in D has always been my favorite classical piece! Our guests really enjoyed you playing for the reception as well! You are a very talented guitarist and your originals are simply beautiful. Glad you sold some of your CDs as well! Sincerely, Alison
    — Alison & Jon, wedding ceremony at Marlsgate Plantation in Scott, AR

    Dear Bob,
    You are super wonderful and I want you to come back — again & again. Thank You!
    — Vanessa Gregory, Owner of "The Stillwater", Hot Springs, AR

    I'm speechless! Your music is simply marvelous and excites me! I can't say enough about how I'm taken in by your talent. You are a master! I thought I would have a favorite, but I don't because they are all my favorite. They are all superb in their own way. I've spent lots of hours playing it at home and work. It relaxes me and lets me think pleasant thoughts. So much talent wrapped up in this CD -- it's astounding! What a masterpiece!!!

    If you don't mind, my friend Tim will make copies of it, and I will help you get booked in our town, starting with the colleges like UMR. Your bud,
    — Mike

    Thanks again for the CD. It was a pleasure listening to it. I have a friend that's studied classical guitar, but his abilities aren't even close to yours. Lately, he's focused more on playing either lead or base with a pop/rock group put together by his guitar school. I believe he finds it much more forgiving than classical.

    I'll certainly try to make your concert in Steelville. Keep me posted. I did notice that each song is very distinctive. Backroads, Renewed Memories and One Guitar/No Vocals are certainly indicative of a wide range of sound. My personal favorites were the laid back, relaxed sounds of Lazy Summer Day and A Typical Day. Have a great day!
    — Glenn

    It was good to hear you again last night. I thought you sounded better than ever. The dynamic balance between the simultaneous lines you played was very impressive! And your playing just seemed more polished overall. For some reason, I have a positive feeling about marketing our music in the future. Maybe the time hasn't quite come. I don't know. The world's changing so quickly and in so many ways. We'll see. anyhow, hope you have a nice day.
    — Chuck Dodson, Professional Pianist

    Well Hi Bob,
    What a nice surprise finding your web site and an old friend. How the heck are you? You are a wonderful musician and composer, and your music is incredible! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off. I, of course, like "Friends Forever" not only for the warm music but also for the feelings the title inspires. Friends are so important to live a happy life. Thanks again for the wonderful CD!!!
    — Carole

    Just finished listening to your Renewed Memories CD... twice. You have an amazing talent. Congratulations on producing an excellent album. You should be very proud.

    I enjoyed every piece, but finally settled on A Typical Day as my favorite with Lazy Summer Day a close second. I believe I detected bluegrass roots in One Guitar, No Vocals. Did you write all the selections as well? You definitely have a great talent.

    Thanks again for sending me the CD's. Tomorrow I'll listen to the Images from the Heart CD.

    I also enjoyed the photos on the jacket. It's always nice to put a face with the name. In addition to your excellent guitar skills, it looks like you're a pretty good skier as well. All my best,
    — Glenn

    Hello Bob,
    My name is Mark Yodice and I am a fingerstylist/composer from New York. I stumbled upon your site while browsing about and just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your song samples. Congratulations on your decision to devote yourself to the muse. I made that same choice several months ago and am no less than thrilled. Best of luck in your pursuits. Regards,
    — Mark

    Hi Bob,
    I was at the Poet's Loft Friday night and heard you play. I very much enjoyed your performance! I look forward to hearing you play again sometime.
    — Linda Blackburn, Executive Director, Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute

    Congratulations on your big money week. I'd say you were probably the highest paid pro musician in Hot Springs this past week. The Chamber of Commerce should give an award for that kind of thing. We liked the concert last night very much!
    — Chuck Dodson, Professional Pianist

    Hello Robert,
    Thanks for sending the CD and book. The book is very nicely compiled and laid out. Our market as fingerstyle guitarists is a very small one, and I would encourage you to continue following your heart as you have.

    Preston Reed is a great study as a guitarist who searched and searched for his own sound and identity, and found a truly unique approach (even if as much visual as aural). Then he creatively sought out endorsements, and worked within them to establish himself.

    Another artist who always reinvented himself, continually trying new sounds, new types of music, and forever growing musically well into his later years, is Chet Atkins.

    I would like to stay in touch and see where your new path takes your music! Your friend,
    — Murial Anderson, Concert Guitarist

    Hello Bob,
    I'm enjoying hearing about your music and hope to see you when we are in Hot Springs again. Thanks and hope to meet you soon!
    — Darlene

    Hey Bob,
    How is it going? I looked at your web site and it looks really good keep up the good work. The concerts I did in January were in Little Rock and Pine Bluff. I had told you Hot Springs but that was incorrect. The concerts went well and the money was very green. I've been playing a lot and doing lots of sound tracks for different people. There's a venue you need to know about it's call The Acoustic Sounds Cafe. It's like an old fashion coffee house, a concert room only, a really great place to play. We are playing there May 25th. If you're interested in playing in Little Rock let me know and I get you the connections. Our studio was shut down for a while. We made some upgrades to the console. Making it better for your next RECORDING!!! Hope everything is going well for you and yours. Tell Inge Randy says hey. Come up to Little Rock and we'll have some food. Talk later,
    — Randy, Recording Engineer, Zanbeck Sound Production, Little Rock, AR

    Recently I have been very interested in broadening my exposure to guitar music. FingerStyle is so beautiful when performed by virtuosos as yourself. Very intricate ... hard to believe it is only one guitar playing. I have been listening to clips on the Web to discover "that sound" that I love. Started with Celtic and then stumbled on your website while surfing and I found a goldmine.

    You are a Leo Kottke fan. Can you recommend any of his CD's that are new age/easy listening ? Sadly, no clips available to sample for him. Any nice 12-string would be interesting, as well.

    Glad to hear about your continuing focus on New Age.

    Thanks for the reply and treasure those fingers,
    — Rick

    Hi Robert,
    I checked out your soundclick site - listened to the three clips - wow can you play the guitar. Is your Ph.D. in music? Probably a silly question. Your playing reminds me of my former guitar teacher Tom Lockwood of Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Maybe you've even heard of him, he has written music for Liona Boyd. Do you play at festivals in Canada? Take care eh,
    — Brett

    Thanks for sharing your work with us. Truly awesome. I look forward to future CD's and hope you continue to be inspired with your creativity!
    — Rick

    Hi Bob,
    I received a newsletter from a few weeks ago and I went to the site and listened to the featured music. Thought it was great music and read your bio while waiting for the songs to load. I was telling my wife Belinda all about it and also to listen to this really nice music. Your music is very nice and I'm sure it's being well received everywhere since it has nice flavor and appeal. It's a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks,
    — Tony

    Hi Bob,
    I bought your instrumental guitar CD "Images From The Heart" and am in love with it! At age 35, I've been taking guitar lessons since October of 2000 and, though it's not easy, I hope that one day my guitar playing can sound as beautiful as yours. You are an extremely talented individual. I praise God for giving you such a "gift" and for your desire to develop that gift. I wish you the best in your journey here on earth.
    — Ann

    Hi Bob,
    We really love your music on the CD. Would you mind if we were to use your CD as music on our telephone hold? Then, if people inquire about getting the music they hear while on hold, we can refer them to you to buy the CD. Please let us know your thoughts on this. Best regards,
    — Joan

    Thanks for the CD. I like it.

    We haven't got a whole lot of programs here at KABF that would feature solo guitar, but I do plan to play certain cuts myself and I'll see if I can interest one or two other deejays in it. (One program that comes to mind is 'Arkansongs,' which features Arkansas musicians. Now that you're living in Hot Springs, I guess you qualify.)

    I plan to play "Deep Black Lake" tonight in fact. You might want to tune in 88.3 FM between 10 and 10:30 pm. I'll give some background to the song first and afterward announce your web address. Maybe we can get some feedback. (This is the song I'll try to hook the host of Arkansongs with, too.) I also like the tune "Weeping Seρorita" and plan to play it on my next "World Tour" program (Sunday 12 - 2 pm). That song is a fine example of how effective rests can be. I only wish it were longer. Next choice: "Loss"

    I wish you luck in getting your music heard.
    — Jay, KABF in Little Rock, AR

    Dear Bob,
    We simply love your guitar instrumentals! Let my friend and I know when and where you are performing next. We want to follow you around! Also, thanks for the CD! If your CD is anything as good as your performance, there is no doubt that you will be performing at many other places! I want to volunteer in helping you get even more known - I have many contacts in the business.
    — Lynda

    I've worked a the Brau House for many years and seen many performances, but I have never seen the audience react to a musician like yourself. During each song you played, there was complete silence and attention - totally unheard of!!! Everyone really enjoyed it as you well know from the applauses! You were a hit! Great job!!
    — Michelle

    Your performance at the Hot Springs Brau House was spectacular! Everyone of our quests were in awe during each piece! I can't believe the intensity of the applauses from the audience. You are welcome to perform anytime you can fit us into your schedule. Stay in touch.
    — John

    My name is Curtis and I'm an 18 year old guitarist from the Norfolk, Virginia area. My great aunt who lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, recently sent me a copy of your CD as a late Christmas gift. I just popped the CD in for the first time and to my suprise I didn't leave the stereo until the CD had played all the way through. Very interesting stuff! I must say I love fingerstyle acoustic. I play a steel-string Taylor 714ce cutaway with a Fishman prefix active onboard blender. Your music is very inspirational to me as a young guitarist, and all thought my interest rides in underground hardcore metal, I'm sure that I will be able to gain some insight from your style. Thanks for the great listening.
    — Curtis

    Dear Bob,
    We received the CD. It's for my husband, but somehow it hasn't made it out of my office yet; I'm enjoying it too much here! Happy New Year!
    — Nancy

    Great stuff, very impressive!
    — Ron

    Great to hear that all is well. I am so impressed that you wrote and composed all of those songs...they sound absolutely great. You are indeed a man of many talents! I can only imagine the time it took....but it looks like it can carry you far...from what I heard, it is as good as any solo guitar recording that I have ever purchased in the past. I wish you and your family the very best. Merry Christmas and may 2001 bring you health, wealth and prosperity. Friends,
    — Tim

    Hi Bob,
    WOW! I have been trying to write and thank you for the CD. It is amazing. You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing yourself through your music. I can't wait to let the family (Pantermuehl's) listen to your music. Mom and Dad will be so happy to hear that you are doing so well and still keeping with your music. I have listened to the CD several times — in the car - at home - at church. My family is very impressed. I am sure that all who have heard it must be. The best part of my birthday gift CD was the instant memory of playing guitars together so long ago. I remember that I would play a few chords as best I could and you would fill in with this incredible music. Even my lame strumming sounded decent. I am so happy for you Bob. I do hope you have a wonderful holiday. I remember our Christmases in New Orleans, how we couldn't wait to bike over to each other's houses to see what we got. Your family seemed to get all the cool new toys — like pong! Oh remember that electronic football game where the players would vibrate across the field? I think you were the KC Chiefs and I was the Viking. I am cracking up just thinking of the hours we spent at that. Have to get Leah to her piano lessons. Thank you, Bob. Merry Christmas!
    — David

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the CDs and guitar book! It looks great, I really like "Loss", it is very moving. Good luck with everything! Have a happy holiday season! Take care,
    — Jeff

    Hello Bob,
    I clicked on a few of your MP3s. Excellent fingerwork! A couple of your songs have a definite Spanish influence that I can appreciate, like Weeping Señorita and Bopolauro — Andantino. I like "Diamonds in the Sand" and "Mysterious Power." Another fingertyle guitarist also has a touch of Spain in his music. You can listen to sound files on his site, but the sound quality is nowhere as good as your mp3s on your site. It's pretty cool that you're following your dream. More of us ought to do that.
    — Andrew

    The music is MARVELOUS!!! Today I have been in a real good mood and I know it comes with hearing your music at work. I got the package yesterday and brought it in today to listen to while I'm sitting at the PC. This CD cheers me up and let's me know there's plenty of goodness left in the day. It will have that encouraging and uplifting message when I play it. What a great, soothing, and refreshing sound. You don't know how much I appreciate having your music to listen to. Right now I am sharing your CD with a friend. He is extremely impressed with the CD also. He is now listening to it for the first time.

    Thanks for going through the effort of autographing the guitar music books. Your message means a lot to me and I know Brian will like having the message on his as well. It will make a nice Christmas gift to him from me. He will enjoy attempting the music book. I have one of the CDs at home for safe keeping and playing, and have the other one at work to listen to and share with others.
    — Mike

    Thank you for introducing me to this site. I liked the CD so well, I ordered it. I will tell my friends about it as I am certain they will like it also. Keep up the good work and let me know when you release your next recording... Thanks,
    — Larry

    Hi Bob,
    Diamonds in the Sand!!! Bob, this is simply an outstanding song!!! It's hard to imagine how notes coming from a guitar can invoke such feelings: peace, happiness, joy, light-heartedness..... I love it!! Have listened to the CD a couple of times and enjoy all of the music. Congratulations on a job very well done. I could see Diamonds in the Sand being a theme song, played at weddings, and for many joyous occasions. You're a genius, dude. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this and thanks so much for the music. It has already become a part of my life. Will take the tape to a company party today and let people there hear it. Thank you so very much for the CD. All the best,
    — George

    Hello Bob,
    I manage one of the top-rated French restaurants in New York and would like to compliment you on your guitar music! We play your CD in our restaurant now and then, and my customers really appreciate the background music while they dine. Some of them ask who the music is by, and I have been referring them to your web site — so expect more traffic! My best regards
    — Dominique

    Hi Robert,
    Check out the "Latest News!" Enjoy!

    Member's Site of the Day: Learn How You Can Relax Now!

    When Robert from contacted me about being featured in our newsletter, I was having a hectic day. His timing could not have been more perfect! I definitely needed something to help me relax!

    " features acoustic guitarist Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D, in his debut recording "Images from the Heart." The CD is a collection of innovative and beautifully comforting new age and romantic guitar solo instrumentals. Each composition was composed exclusively by Robert."

    When I visited his site, I immediately began to relax as I listened to his sample sound files. This is definitely what I needed! You don't want to miss this the next time you need to unwind!
    — Ashley

    Hi Bob,
    I was just visiting your site. I have listened to your "Friends Forever" soundclip and it was terrific! I think it could be used as a song for a wedding ceremony.
    — Stephen

    Hi Dr. Dillon,
    I have not heard of you before, but from what I do hear on the audio files, you are obviously as good of a composer as world renowned artists! Many others I hear are technically good, but your music is not only as good technically, but has heart & soul! Other artists like ....... are good interpreters, since they perform the music other artists have written, and they come a dime-a-dozen. But, you are a pioneer and obviously a very creative composer. To sum it up, your music can be explosive like in "Deep Black Lake", close to the heart like in "Loss", and super when you think of children like in "Boo Bear's Lullaby". There is no doubt in my mind, that the world needs to hear your music! I look forward to your CD & good luck!
    — Susan

    Dear Bob,
    I own an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles and have heard the sound files on your web site. Your music will fit very well in my restaurant and will create a nice atmosphere for my customers. Very nice music, and I am looking forward to your cd! Sincerely,
    — Marcello

    Hello Bob,
    Your technique is flawless and your tone is superb! Nice work! How long did it take to write the guitar book? That must have been a complete nightmare writing every note. I feel many guitarists who buy your CD will appreciate the work you put into this. You have even written the music not only in standard notation, but in tablature for those guitarists who can not read music. Very thoughtful. Yours Truly.
    — Leslie

    The mp3 audios of the pieces sound better than most if not all the fingerstyle guitarists at Windham Hill. I will buy your CD when it is released & will spread the word!
    — Bill

    Dear Bob,
    Wow, the Deep Black Lake song sounds impossible for a fingerstyle guitarist — am I believing what I am hearing? Is one guitarist playing this piece or more?
    — James

    THE MUSIC IS WONDERFUL !!! Can't wait to get the CD and listen to all of it. It is just too good!

    I will pass this information along to all friends and family so that they can listen to it. I know of a number of them that will want to buy the CD. Can't wait for it to come out.
    — George

    Hi Bob,
    DYNAMITE!!! What a wonderful sound! Makes me want to hear more. How sweet it is!!!
    — Mike

    Hey Bob,
    How is the CD coming along?...can't wait to hear it.
    — Paul


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