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    Fingerstyle Guitar for Weddings

    Fine Dining
    Corporate Events
    Robert Dillon is a premiere fingerstyle guitarist who provides quality guitar instrumental music throughout SW Florida for weddings and for many other occasions: corporate events, business parties, country clubs, concerts, art galleries, fine dining & banquets, wedding ceremonies and receptions (cocktails and dining), grand openings, anniversaries, private parties, open houses, and fund raisers. Robert was born and raised in New Orleans and lives in Naples, Florida. Robert was also featured in a master workshop in the nationally acclaimed Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine.

    Robert also performs as a duo with his beautiful wife, Janet Dillon, who is a talented vocalist. Janet won Mrs. Congeniality of Oregon America Pageant 2017 when they were living in Oregon. She is also a former Miss Collier County, America's Miss Charm, and Swamp Buggy Festival talent contest winner. They can perform many beautifully arranged songs, which are shown on their Acoustic Sunset website.

    Why Choose Robert?

    • Having a premiere fingerstyle guitarist for your wedding ceremony and reception not only sets the perfect mood and acoustic ambiance, but also provides an elegant evening and a very memorable experience. Whereas, hiring a band will not please the many generations of guests at the reception. Not to mention, they are normally loud and your guests will not be able to carry on a decent conversation. And if you hire a cheesy DJ with an annoying personality, they have the ability to really turn guests off.

    • Weddings can be quite expensive. By having a guitarist for your wedding will help you stay within your budget and is a perfect alternative to contracting a band, DJ, or multiple musicians that can really cut into your pocketbook. Some bands will charge well over $1000, and sometimes up to $3000.

    • Fingerstyle guitar music played during the reception is the perfect choice of music entertainment for those celebrations focused more on conversation than dancing. The music provided is a continuous flow of beautiful music. Think of it as an extension of the wedding itself. Whereas, if you hired a band, it is not unusual for them to take 20 minute breaks every hour.

    During the wedding ceremony, Robert uses a Taylor model NS74ce Grand Auditorium (nylon-string) guitar for performing classical and contemporary instrumentals selected from his diverse repertoire. The various music parts of the wedding ceremony:

    Prelude Music ... is intended to entertain guests as they enter, are seated, and wait until the ceremony begins. The prelude music normally starts about 25 to 30 minutes prior to the processional music.

    Processional Music ... is played when the wedding party and bridesmaids make their grand entrance down the aisle. Following them is the featured instrumental for the "Walk of the Bride".

    Interlude Music (optional) ... is chosen for key moments during the ceremony, such as the ring exchange, the breaking of the glass, or lighting of the unity candle(s), or as an actual component of the ceremony itself.

    Recessional Music ... is the joyful or festive music played when the bride & groom, and wedding party walk back down the aisle.

    Postlude Music (optional) ... is the lively & spirited music played as guests leave their seats.

    Audio Soundclips: The songs listed below are just a few of the songs Robert can play during the Wedding Ceremony. These soundclips were extracted from his Favorite Classical Guitar Instrumentals (2012) and Christmas Classics (2004) albums:

    Prelude in E Minor
    Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
    Study in A Minor
    Canon in D Major
    Spanish Romance
    Study 10 in A
    Carol of the Bells
    La Romanesca

    You are welcome to visit Robert's


    Some videos of Robert on

    Live Performance for Wedding Ceremony & Cocktails
    Marco Island Marriott Beach & Resort Hotel

    Live Performance of Moon River
    Salem Convention Center

    Classical Gas by Mason Williams
    Piano Man by Billy Joel
    Spanish Romance by Anonymous
    She's Got a Way by Billy Joel
    Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Chicago
    We Are The Champions by Queen

    During the reception (approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours for cocktail & dinner music), Robert uses his Taylor grand auditorium classical (nylon-string) guitar, a custom-built Taylor grand auditorium (steel-string), and a custom-built Traugott model R cutaway (steel-string) guitar. Classical music is performed on his classical guitar, while modern and original fingerstyle instrumentals are played on his acoustic guitars.

    Robert performing
    at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel
    in Naples, FL

    Robert has professionally recorded his favorite music on 6 CDs as shown on his CD Recordings page.
    His albums include:

    Songs of the 70's & 80's for Fingerstyle Guitar (2013)
    Favorite Classical Guitar Instrumentals (2012)
    Fingerstyle Guitar & Percussion Duo (2005)
    Christmas Classics (2004)
    Renewed Memories (2002)
    Images From The Heart (2000)

    Robert's music consists of classical to beautiful arrangements of popular cover songs, and brilliantly mastered originals. Robert's originals have been played on various TV shows, radio stations in the U.S., and published in national guitar magazines. His refined classical fingerstyle technique applied to his music allows him to produce wonderful sounding three-dimensional compositions that have won the hearts of many listeners. Many people have said he sounds like two guitars at once!

    Audio Soundclips: The songs listed below are just a few that Robert can play during the Wedding Reception. Some of the soundclips are full songs from his Songs of the 70's & 80's for Fingerstyle Guitar (2013) CD, and others are 30 second audios of instrumentals extracted from his Fingerstyle Guitar & Percussion Duo (2005) CD:

    She's Always a Woman
    Piano Man
    Classical Gas
    Great Ape Genocide
    Song From M*A*S*H
    Never Going Back Again
    You've Got A Friend
    Big Lee "Leo"
    Here Comes The Sun
    Maple Leaf Rag
    Diamonds In The Sand
    We Are The Champions
    Make It With You
    Boo Bear's Lullaby
    Sea Oats
    Deep Black Lake

    If you are interested in having me perform for your wedding, send me an email at

    I will then send you a Wedding Form (Microsoft Word Document) as an attachment for you to fill out. The information you provide will be used to compile your tentative wedding program regarding my services and my costs.

    Robert uses concert quality guitars in his performances and recordings, along with state-of-the-art amplification equipment for delivering studio-quality sound.

    Concert Quality Guitars: Taylor model 914ce Grand Auditorium cutaway-electric (steel-string) guitar (yr. 2014), a Taylor model NS74ce Grand Auditorium cutaway-electric (nylon-string) guitar (yr. 2010), and a Traugott model R cutaway "custom-built" (steel-string) guitar (yr. 2000)

    Amplification Equipment: Two Fishman SA220 Solo Performance Systems (220-Watts) networked together along with a Yamaha MSR100 monitor, Roland CUBE Street EX 2-Channel (50-Watts) Battery Powered Amplifier (for beach weddings), Fishman Acoustic Matrix Active Undersaddle Pickup System, Sennheiser E945 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone, and a Shure SM58S Dynamic Vocal Microphone

    Special Effects: Fishman AFX Chorus Acoustic Effects Pedal, and Fishman AFX Delay Acoustic Effects Pedal

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