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    Robert's songs on
    Broadcast Music, Inc.

    Concert Videos

    Here's a rare glimpse of a master guitarist at work on three different guitars (classical, flamenco, and acoustic). You will see the precision of Robert's fingerwork and hear the beautiful voicings through his complex technique of melodies, counter-melodies, percussive techniques, ascending and descending slurs, harmonics, tremolo, the use of dynamic chord structures as applied to a variety of alternative tunings. This video is an ear-opening lesson in the power and beauty of what the guitar can sound like from a master musician. Robert's video will not only be a treat for people who want to listen to beautiful and energetic fingerstyle works, but will even inspire advanced guitarists and hopefully can provide direction in exploring new territory and expand their musical abilities.

    This "unedited" full-length video (VHS format) recorded at a recent concert appearance on September 14th, 2002, at POPS Acoustic Revue in Hot Springs, AR, is now available by ordering through for only $29.95.

    Music videoed during this concert performance:

    Hernandis Classical Guitar
  • Classical Gas, M. Williams
  • Song From M*A*S*H, J. Mandel
  • Canon in D, J. Pachelbel

    Alhambra Flamenco Guitar

  • Backroads, R. Dillon
  • Traugott Acoustic Guitar
  • Renewed Memories, R. Dillon
  • Deep Black Lake, R. Dillon
  • Diamonds In The Sand, R. Dillon
  • Endangered Species, R. Dillon
  • Big Lee "Leo", R. Dillon
  • Departure, R. Dillon
  • Lazy Summer Day, R. Dillon
  • One Guitar, No Vocals, R. Dillon
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