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    Robert's songs on
    Broadcast Music, Inc.

    D'Addario Strings
    Robert is an official
    endorser of D'Addario

    CD Recording

    "Images From The Heart"

    Original New Age Acoustic
    Fingerstyle Guitar Instrumentals
    Compact Disc: $14.95
    Guitar Music Book: $49.95
    Audios of recorded songs

    Robert's debut CD contains innovative and energetic original acoustic fingerstyle guitar instrumentals, all superbly mastered! His music is receiving rave reviews from around the world. Each composition on his CD has been transcribed "note-for-note" and printed in a guitar music book, published by Publishing Company (BMI).

    Robert's recent Concert Video presents some of the compositions to be recorded on his next CD "Renewed Memories". The video is available for purchase.

    His knowledge of music structure combined with his gifted fingerstyle technique allows him to produce primary melodies, counter-melodies, independently moving bass lines, and inner voices to create an almost "orchestral" sound. Sample 30 second audios of recorded songs on his debut CD:

  • Diamonds in the Sand
  • Deep Black Lake
  • Loss
  • Mysterious Power
  • Boo Bear's Lullaby
  • First Spring Day
  • Weeping Señorita
  • Bopolauro-Andantino
  • Almost There
  • Sea Oats
  • Friends Forever
  • Compact Disc: $14.95 Guitar Book: $49.95

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    The Compositions:

    Each composition is composed and arranged to express a specific story, impression or theme by the style of presentation and voicing through the guitar. These songs are a perfect blend of sustaining power and/or melodic beauty interwoven in their own themes and evoke imagination and emotion. Most compositions may be synonymous to expressionistic forms of abstract art and are open for interpretation, whereas others may reflect a mood or impression. Details of his interpretations:

    1. Diamonds in the Sand a true expressionistic composition that requires words for the song to be complete. This song was composed to reflect various aspects of life as one walks on a beautiful serene beach. In this musing the walker ponders the joys and uncertainties, the hardships and rewards, the milestones and losses. And with frequent stops to overlook the waves, a deeper meaning evolves, as those undulations represent greener pastures of the current life or maybe even the life beyond. Those sparkles from the diamonds in the sand represent true happiness in life in the present form.
    2. Deep Black Lake an explosive and rapid paced composition that attempts to express the chaos when thirteen people die by drowning. The tragedy occurred on May 1, 1999 in Lake Hamilton near the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas when the duck boat named Miss Majestic was on a tour. (Duck boats are amphibious vessels that were used as troop carriers during World War II. Since then they have been converted to transport tourists over land and water in the Hot Springs area). On that day, as the carrier was touring Lake Hamilton in 50 to 60 feet of water, the heavy metal vessel rapidly sank. Of the 21 passengers on board, only eight survived. The choice of notes for the melody and speed of the song are divided into two climactic episodes. The first section expresses the initial panic and fast occurring situations as the carrier was sinking. The second section represents the panic of the survivors realizing their loved ones were missing. The last few bars caps off the mysterious nature and tragedy of the accident. This song is vastly open for other interpretations.
    3. Loss an extremely beautiful and sad song that expresses the loss of someone close to one's heart. The lovely, yet melancholy beginning of the song progresses into more sadness through the tremolo effect. The section after the tremolo becomes joyful with the knowledge that life continues and that the person that is gone will not be forgotten. However, at the end, it gets sad again since the initial situation is still at hand and will be felt for a lifetime.
    4. Mysterious Power an innovative and impressionistic composition that has mysterious overtones combined with a rapid flow of notes. One may envision a mysterious encounter with a frightening being from the other side displaying his power in our physical world.
    5. Boo Bear's Lullaby a children's song with a nice sweet melody, intended to be played for a child at bedtime. "Boo Bear" is the nickname of my son.
    6. First Spring Day a relatively straight-forward folk-like piece that is relaxing, soothing, and comforting. It attempts to create the impression of a new season.
    7. Weeping Señorita a fluid and expressionistic Spanish piece with a sense of sadness.
    8. Bopolauro-Andantino an improvisation of a late classical period composition "Andantino", written by Mauro Giuliani. This extemporization uses new age techniques to bring forth new life to a song that was dynamic in its era. Bopolauro has no specific meaning and was added to the original title for the improvisation.
    9. Almost There a smooth song that gives the listener a feeling of traveling, and the sense of almost being there. As the song progresses and nears the end, the listener may get the feeling of approaching their destination as sights appear more and more familiar.
    10. Sea Oats this composition attempts to create the mood of a continuous flowing gentle breeze passing through sea oats on a beach.
    11. Friends Forever a flowing composition that displays the beauty and rarity of a lifetime friendship.

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