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    CD Recording
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    Guitar Instrumentals

    Guitar Music Book
    Images From The Heart
    Original Fingerstyle
    Guitar Instrumentals

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    Articles & Reviews
    - only a partial listing -

    "Christmas Classics CD Review" - TWO THUMBS WAY UP! I listened to your CD twice tonight. All the pieces were EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed both versions of Greensleeves, and couldn't decide on a preference. My two favorite pieces where probably Adeste Fidelis and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I think I liked those the best because they both had quick tempos. But all the pieces were terrific and it's hard to pick a favorite. I don't know how you do it, but on some of the pieces you played a rhythm in the background, while paying the melody (I'm sure there's a technical term for that). However you do it... it sounds great. Thanks again! I'll be playing it during dinner with the family on Christmas Eve. My sister-in-law plays the guitar a little, and I know she'll enjoy it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
    - Glenn Bardot, The Bardot Review
    St. Louis, Missouri ... Dec. 20, 2004

    "Concert Review" — POPs Acoustic Revue in Hot Springs, Arkansas is a once per month venue. POP's brings in a variety of musical entertainment each year. The performers are screened, to make sure the audience will have a memorable experience. We receive a number of CDs of really talented fingerstyle guitarists each year, but, limit our selection to just a couple each year. Bob Dillon, a local artist, more than passes this selection process, he excels! Noticed by the POP's crew during an open mic session in a club in Hot Springs, Bob was the only performer selected to play during 2002 season at POPs!
    Mike George, Show Coordinator, POPs Acoustic Revue
    Hot Springs, AR ... Sept. 14, 2002

    "Concert Review" — Anticipating the creative beauty of Robert Dillon's performances has always been a joy for me. Collectively watching how he designs his set-up and how meticulously his body and hands are positioned before each composition expresses a continuity of form within himself and his fingerstylings.

    Robert's presence is his greatest introduction to his music. Mild in manner, yet expressive in delivery. Each performance reveals developed textures that can only be created through the union between musician and his innate understanding of his instrument.

    There is always a sense of quiet within the audience, but not so much as to listen, but to feel.

    The mystery of the how and the why between fingers and strings makes Robert Dillon an object of passion's greatest desire...having.
    Othello Leonard, Manager of The Poet's Loft
    Hot Springs, AR ... June 7, 2002

    "MP3 Artist — Bob Porri's Triple Play Reviews" — My overall feelings of this CD is that it is an interesting delve into the realm of impressionistic music. With instrumental songs, it is often difficult to see the “story” being “told” with any clarity. I guess that’s the nature of the beast. But, there is a fairly extensive attempt to do this in Robert Dillon’s music as is made evident by the liner notes on the CD as well as in all of the mood creating contained within the music itself. As far as the liner notes go, I was walking a line of on one hand trying my best to “buy in” and on the other hand thinking that the impressionistic imposition of an actual story is rather limiting to a listener. Then, the liner notes counter my dilemma with “This song is vastly open for other interpretations.” (Stated at the end of the song description of “Deep Black Lake”.) So I guess that puts things back to where I’d personally like them, that is, letting the composer have the freedom needed to have a creative springboard to work from, and even letting the listener know what that was, but also allowing the listener to draw their own impressions and conclusions of what they want an instrumental piece to mean to them. I can be totally comfortable with that approach, and used it as my listening basis as I formed my own impressions of the music and moods of the individual tracks on this CD.

    Diamonds in the Sand - A playful piece and a real gem of an introduction to the music of Robert Dillon. In this song, Robert really shows what his music is all about. Well developed songs, very pretty melodies and harmonies, and an excellent command of fingerstyle guitar. Whether you picture yourself on a beach as is suggested, or on a quiet walk through the woods, or looking reflectively upon your life and with a calm resolve to the future... (whew!), this song can pave a way for the journey.

    Deep Black Lake - As might be expected, this song has a certain “dark” quality to it. Through the darkness though, there is still the light of Robert Dillon’s playful guitar excursions. There are many ways that this song can be interpreted and the liner notes, although being very specific, still give you that freedom. Several nice contrasting sections are heard throughout the song. There is the first section with some dissonant harmonies and a few (I’m certain) intentionally unsettling rhythmic qualities, there is the arpeggiated middle section that lightens things up on the one hand, but still holds on to some of the chaotic expressions of the other sections. Summing this up is a thoughtful ending, which to me projects hope.

    Loss - a very pretty song that expresses itself through distinct melody, rhythm, and bass lines. A tremolo is one of the effects that is deftly used for variety creating a type of “theme with variations” that is effective. The chord progression takes a wonderfully emotional turn near the end of the piece, just prior to the final tremolo section. I felt the sudden ending sort of slapped me (lightly) in the face and back into reality.

    Mysterious Power - This is an interesting sounding piece, slightly unsettling. Some dramatic harmonies and interesting fingerstyle techniques are used. There is an impressive slight bend used on certain chords that creates a certain uncomfortable pull that has a great effect. Again, a dramatic use of harmonies and fingerstyle techniques.

    Boo Bear’s Lullaby - This song’s simple music box quality lends itself to the effect that is being sought, that of a children’s lullaby. The second section travels off into a slightly different realm for a little variety and then the original section lulls you back. I didn’t fall asleep though. In fact, Robert effectively kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    First Spring Day - I may have found the right alternate tuning for this one, but I think I just might be ordering one of Robert’s books from his web site. A very cool and inspiring piece that creates the effect it is striving to achieve.

    Weeping Senorita - A short piece in a Spanish style. A very typical classical guitar sound.

    Bopolauro - Andantino - This piece is performed with virtuosity in a classical style with just a little Flamenco flair thrown in for good measure. It utilizes dramatic development from the simple introduction into some impressive arpeggiation during later sections. Being based on a late classical piece by Mauro Giuliani, Robert’s palette is wide open, and this song naturally encompasses many techniques and styles of playing. It covers a lot of ground in it’s diminutive 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Excellent writing and brilliantly performed.

    Almost There - As I get further into my listening of this CD, my appreciation of Robert Dillon’s abilities and effectiveness as a composer and musician increase. At every turn there seems to be some little style variations used that sound familiar, but are unique in their creative use. There are several such occurrences of this in “Almost There”. Throughout the CD this is usually not done in a flashy way, but rather as an integral part of the songs’ development. Very tasteful throughout.

    Sea Oats - This song just sort of drifts along like the imagery is it attempting to create. A simple chord progression, a few interesting rhythmic twists, and an interesting little melody with a few unexpected notes entering the picture now and then.

    Friends Forever - A pensive piece with an uninterrupted flow from beginning to end. This effectively creates the imagery of something continuous, some thing that is constant, something like a friendship that goes on throughout lives. Did I say lives? Well, that’s just where this song has put me. A pensive piece with an uninterrupted flow from beginning to end? On second though... no. Not end.

    Well, well, well. After multiple listenings of each of the songs and this CD as a whole, I ended up in a different place than I started. I am finishing much more impressed than I was on first listening and with a deeper appreciation of the artist. Not that this music has much to do with this directly, except for the analogy, but I remember the Beatle albums from “Rubber Soul” on, how each was a new experience and as such, required multiple listenings to begin to appreciate and for me to get the point. I’m revisiting that feeling listening to Robert Dillon’s CD “Images From The Heart”. Although the sound is familiar, there is something very fresh about it. It’s not that it is always “knock your socks off” technically amazing, although there is certainly technical proficiency involved with the entire CD. But that was obviously, (well, it seems that way to me), not the goal here. There is just a consistency to the compositions and performances that is amazing in it’s own right. From start to finish, this CD has a feel to it that never recedes.

    Robert Dillon has positioned himself to attain certain musical goals. With this CD, those goals seem to be focused and close at hand.

    I highly recommend Robert Dillon’s “Images From The Heart” for any fan of acoustic guitar, classical guitar, new age music, guitar music in general, or anyone in need of something comforting to listen to.
    Bob Porri's Triple Play Reviews ... July 16, 2001

    "Acoustic Guitar" — Dr. Dillon is living the high life now. He's got himself a lakeside house where he can spend time with his son Christopher, and wife Ingrid, and write all the acoustic guitar instrumentals the world at large wants to hear.

    Whether or not you dare to call this new age guitar (and what's wrong with just instrumental acoustic guitar?), this fingerstyle guitarist has now released an 11 track, 39 minute album of crystal clear shine and flawless rhythm. Strong hands do make exceptionally persuasive images from the heart. Dipped in gentle but swirling melodies, every tune is a ballad, but every track is not a laconic dazzle of mere motifs that string you on for motion's sake alone. No, the melodic lines that shine out are like dew on a spider's web. You can just make them out; and it's something of a natural wonder.

    That's because Dillon was classically trained, having begun his classic guitar instruction in New Orleans with concert guitarist, Frank Martinez. Turning to science after college, for a time Dillon taught Geology and Geophysics classes for the Univ. of Missouri-Rolla, and worked for the government. But now he's come back to something more organic. The music.

    I won't bother mentioning the music itself. It is a Feel rather than a science. Something you must hear for yourself. Love for yourself. All tracks are one man and his 'tar'. Rotating this disc on repeat play is like taking a day off. I suggest you get the CD and wait for a Saturday.
    Ben Ohmart, Assistant Editor ... Sept. 18, 2001

    "Unique Guitar Style Will Fill Poet's Loft" — Guitarist Robert Dillon will perform a concert of classical and new age music 8 p.m. Friday at The Poet's Loft, 514-B Central Ave.

    Dillon's program will include his original fingerstyle compositions and a few classical solos. His technique allows him to produce primary melodies, counter-melodies, independent moving bass lines and inner voices that resonate from the guitar as an orchestral sound.

    "Robert plays with confidence and surety. His fretboard artistry allows you to hear several things going on simultaneously," according to a recent article in, the Internet magazine.

    Dillon has been selected as a D'Addario Performing Acoustic Artist and is an official endorser of D'Addario guitar strings. He is featured in a cover story in the current issue of MSM-UMR Alumnus Magazine. The magazine features successful entrepreneurs who graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla. He received his doctorate in geology and geophysics at UMR. "Images From The Heart," Dillon's debut compact disc, will be available at Friday night's concert and can be ordered from his Web site, and major online music Web sites.

    "The loft has had some terrific guitarists from all over America perform, but I've never seen one so totally captivate an audience as Robert Dillon does," says keeper of the loft, Bud Kenny.
    Bud Kenny of The Poet's Loft, The Sentinel-Record Newspaper
    Hot Springs, Arkansas ... Apr. 19, 2001

    "Cover Story" — Robert W. Dillon, M.S. GGph'93, Ph.D. GGph'99, was featured in the cover story "Where Do We Go From Here"? Alumni panel ponders the digital economy's future. Dillon, a former geologist who worked in the oil industry and later the U.S. Geological Survey, parlayed his interest in personal investing into a tiday sum of personal wealth by running two Web sites for investors, from 1997 through 1999. By February 1998, his two online investment newsletters caught the attention of technology-related advertisers. "Companies began coming to us, wanting to advertise on our sites, and asking us to get their message out to our subscribers," Dillon says. "They were willing to pay anything -- I mean anything: stock or cash in extraordinary amounts. We were completely wrapped in the Internet blitz." Thanks to savvy investing, Dillon retired last year at age 41 to pursue his dream of playing classical and new age fingerstyle guitar on a full-time basis. He now runs his own dot-com of sorts,, where he sells his first CD recording, "Images From The Heart," and an accompanying music book. ... more on the story in:
    Andrew Careaga, MSM-UMR Alumnus Magazine
    Rolla, Missouri ... Spring, 2001, Vol. 75, No. 1

    "Indie-Music Review" — Robert W. Dillon had a life-long dream to become a fingerstyle guitarist. After a career as a geoscientist, he's made good on a promise to himself to realize that dream with his self-published release of 11 original instrumental recordings.

    Robert plays with confidence and surety. His melodic compositions are clean, crisp, precise and deliberate with no trace of hesitancy. His fretboard artistry allows you to hear several things going on simultaneously.

    While the overall tonal quality is rich and full and the melodies quite nice, repetitive phrasing causes a degree of sameness after listening awhile. But, then, that's simply part of the nature of any collection of instrumental work -- some degree of overlap and duplication.

    Another skill Robert developed is the ability to shift gears rapidly but seamlessly. While changing tempo, chording or key is common in instrumental work, fluidity is not often present. Robert's segues are smooth.

    Of course (and this is also true of instrumental compositions) the emotion behind the creation of each tune is totally personal and having liner notes to accompany each song is helpful. Still, listeners will form their own feelings regardless of original intent.

    Best tunes: last three; best overall: "Almost There" An excellent CD -- and certainly all the way there.
    Les Reynolds, Indie-Music ... Apr. 09, 2001

    "Classic Performance" — Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D., new age and classical fingerstyle guitarist performs 6 to 8 pm Tuesdays at the Hot Springs Brau House, 801 Central Ave., and 6:30 to 8:30 pm on some Fridays and Saturdays at the Back Porch Grill, SunBay Resort, 4810 Central Ave., call for availability. Dillon's debut compact disc "Images From The Heart", is available at Individuals can subscribe (e-mail address) to his monthly newsletter on his Web site for information on upcoming performances and latest updates.
    Alison B. Harbour, The Sentinel-Record Newspaper
    Hot Springs, Arkansas ... Mar. 27, 2001

    "February 2001 Featured Artist on" — has selected Robert as their February 2001 featured artist. We feel others would enjoy listening to such a great album!
    Jason Nieh, Editor ... Feb. 2001

    "From The Heart" — Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D., new age and classical fingerstyle guitarist will perform 7 to 9 pm today and again Feb. 16 and 17 at the Back Porch Grill in SunBay Resort, 4810 Central Ave. He will perform at Hot Springs Brau House, 801 Central Ave., from 6 to 8 pm on Feb. 13, 20 and 27. His debut CD recording "Images From The Heart," is available at Dillon is seeking recognition of his newly composed music and extraordinary fingerstyle technique.
    Alison B. Harbour, The Sentinel-Record Newspaper
    Hot Springs, Arkansas ... Feb. 10, 2001

    "Perfect Guitar Instrumentals for Fine Dining!" — His music is being very well received everywhere he performs. Owners and chefs say the music on his debut Album enhances and sets the mood for fine dining!
    Nicholaos Sahlas, ChefTalk Cafe ... Feb. 9, 2001

    "New D'Addario Performing Acoustic Artist" — Robert was selected as a D'Addario performing acoustic artist and endorser of D'Addario guitar strings. The CD — Great stuff, Robert is a fine player!
    John Ferrante, J. D'Addario & Company, Inc. ... Feb. 8, 2001

    "Strings Attached" — Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D., a virtuoso of the new age and classical fingerstyle guitar will perform at the Hot Springs Brau House, 801 Central Ave., from 6 to 8 pm today. He will also perform at Chef Paul's in Temperance Hill Square, reservations only, from 7 to 9 pm Saturday, Jan. 27. Dillon is new to the Hot Springs area and has released his debut compact disc recording "Images From The Heart". He performed Jan. 9 at the Brau House and his music was well received. John Linehan, the owner, has welcomed the guitarist to perform on a regular basis. Dillon is seeking recognition of his newly composed music and extraordinary fingerstyle technique.
    Alison B. Harbour, The Sentinel-Record Newspaper
    Hot Springs, Arkansas ... Jan. 23, 2001

    "A Must Have For The Guitar Aficionado" — Rated Five Stars on! This collection of original songs composed and performed by Dr. Robert W. Dillon is simply great. Whether the listener is a student of the guitar or just enjoys guitar music, there should be something to please all on this CD. "Weeping Senorita" and "Bopolauro-Andantino" are more traditional classical guitar performances (expertly performed), while many of the other songs are performed on a steel-string using alternative tunings which give delight to the ear. "Diamonds In The Sand" and "Almost There" are particularly uplifting and among my favorites. The accompanying guitar book is also well put together. Each song includes performance notes, tunings, tab, and fingering instructions. Guitarists will enjoy exploring and performing Robert's wonderful music!
    Tim Fortier, Legend Financial Services
    Rolla, Missouri ... Jan. 14, 2001

    "Guitarist Brings Unique Style To Spa" — Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D., a virtuoso of the new age and classical fingerstyle guitar will perform on January 9 at the Hot Springs Brau House.
    Alison B. Harbour, The Sentinel-Record Newspaper
    Hot Springs, Arkansas ... Jan. 8, 2001

    "Renaissance Man Releases CD" — Dr. Dillon's debut compact disc is a collection of "innovative and comforting" original new age and romantic guitar solo instrumentals, which mirrors certain themes in life.
    Alison B. Harbour, The Sentinel-Record Newspaper
    Hot Springs, Arkansas ... Dec. 16, 2000

    Robert's playing sounds like 2 or 3 guitars at once. The tone color of his compositions has a three dimensional depth or quality of sound (foreground, middleground, and background).
    Randy McDonald, Recording Engineer, Zanbeck Sound Production
    Little Rock, Arkansas ... Sept. 19, 2000

    The tremolo effect he uses in "Loss" is executed with precision. I had never heard this done before on a steel-string guitar. How does he do that?
    Chuck Bailey, Zanbeck Sound Production
    Little Rock, Arkansas ... Sept. 16, 2000


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